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✞ A Strong Woman
is one who feels deeply
and loves fiercely
Her tears flow just as abundantly
as her laughter….

A Strong Woman
is both soft and powerful
She is both practical and spiritual….

A strong Woman
in her Essence
is a gift to the world… ✞

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tagged :  #diary  #♥ GOD

It’s quite late here for me, it’s 3:13 a.m. in the morning and I’m still up, writing this down. This is a habit that I’ve been wanting to stop doing, after a while now. It’s so in my nature that whatever I keep doing to try to stop doing this, it will come back again and again. Just like, when Autumn comes and fall after it’s done. Flowers bloomed in spring time, then another new season will come for a new era. 

After crawling through this tough road, this isn’t the end for me. This is only the beginning. The door that I’ve allowed to open is going to step out and going to open up and share with others, I’m willing to take it; i’m taking the stairs. That is what I am meant to do, this is what I must do. It will be scary on the way ahead , but I will be here fighting for the voice that I have right to fight for.

What follows, is knowing that, sometimes I choose to walk on this path because I need to walk alone just to show that I can. 

After failing so many times, this is what I can say.
No one tries new things because they’re confident about it. After trying, they become confident because they did it. There’s no one who doesn’t fear something. The truth you learned after failing so many times. The scariest thing is that at the 2nd, 3rd, even the 100th try, the fear doesn’t disappear. The only difference is that each time, you’re a little bit more emotionally prepared for it.

Things are changing and I know I can cope. Started having faith in everything and now I am gleaming with hope.