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✞ A Strong Woman
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Her tears flow just as abundantly
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A Strong Woman
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She is both practical and spiritual….

A strong Woman
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is a gift to the world… ✞

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I finally took some time to change my theme! XD

Thanks to Peach theme by ramyeons (will open in a new tab)

I used Google Chrome to take that image. But I love and I mean I so much love~ :3 the view on Firefox on my Mac OS X version 10.7.5.

For better view on Windows, Linux, or~ Mac OS X use firefox.

To download firefox, simply click here (with 70 languages to choose from)

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I love:
I love → the way it catches emotions

I love → the way it takes emotions to write a poem

I love → how you can write and express what one-self can’t often speak

I love → how you can simply write your emotions and thoughts together on a piece of paper anyhow it is done.

Let the flow fly in, direct the thoughts, mind, body & soul.

Make it yours, originality is the best of all the best, because it’s the choice of all the choices.

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Right now, I thought I’d blog about what I want to do before Christmas come. I’ve list some of the things I’m going to buy for Christmas, which will give benefits, not to me, but to the people who I am buying it to. Also, I decided that I will be re-creating some of the furniture with some help of furniture tools & other equipment that will produce a fine look furniture inside & out. But of course, I will need to buy the tools first, to help me out with the projects, it is extremely exciting & I can’t wait. The budget for buying the tools will be covered by my own earning incomes, which I’ve already had planned (I wanted to save it for something else.. oh.. well.. I will make this happen). The tools in the end will be the early Christmas present for my Dad, since I know how he love to make furniture-wares. Although, the fact that in the end it has been used, which is why it must still be kept a secret until Christmas Eve. 

So yes, it’s a project I’m going to be doing, & I’m not going to do it alone. With the help of my Dad, I will have to convince him, or/aswell friends to help me out with the project. If my family aren’t convince enough by what I want to draw into the house for a change, it won’t change how determine I am of doing this project. My dad will surely love the idea I’ve come up with, who knows, maybe I might as well take this Dad & Daughter’s relationship to the next level. So yea, well, let’s not invite the negativity into the house & in all hope, hopefully it won’t bring disastrous misunderstanding, lol. I am confident about this, I gotta trust this instinct better. So it’d be best to ignore whatever others may have to say or whatever may come in the way. I honestly think, my mum would definitely complain & disapprove it right away without even considering the reasons I have why I am making this project a possible matter; not only to me, I believe it will be much more beneficial for the whole family. Also, I know to her, my words are just stepping stones, but I’m not going to speak at that because it might turn into an ugly argument, it’d be best to avoid. Guarantee!~ If they are not completely satisfy about it (specially my mum, for sure I know lol), they can keep complaining until they see the outcome that will be in the end. Period. x)

  • Furniture & accessories (2nd hand, remake, recreate) - Bedroom & other area for furniture (eg. wardrobe, workstation, drawers, etc.), interior accessories (blind/curtains) = sounds boring I know. 

That’s as far as it is for now. I will make sure I take photos. 

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I feel like being called, ‘you look cute’, or ‘you are so cute’, ‘sweetie you look cute’ etc. The word ‘cute’ is becoming more & more of an over-rated matter. (Sorry to what I have said, & to what I am about to write down after this, I just had to write this down, Peace~). It is such a boring part of a conversation to hear, although, I already know, I am definitely naturally cute. Uhuh. I prevent myself from hearing such things, but never will be an avoidable condition, to me. I would pretend I didn’t hear anything, when in fact, I did. I come to this, knowing sometimes without these part of remark, in all essential, it instantly won’t be any fun to proceed with amicable talk anymore. No. No. 

It is not bad to say this, just how much I want to show myself that I am not just all about look, in terms of cuteness; when cute is certainly not a look to start with neither an attitude but it’s a way of being. It’s my way of being. 

It would be a delight if I can bum myself around. 



Westlife - What I want is what I’ve got (All that I want in my life)

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"I may not be a keen observer of people’s quirks & tics that might reveal lies & vulnerabilities. But I am one of the kind, an observer. And I have the ability to feel people’s pain."
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"Many of the important things about a person aren’t things that could be said."
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By the time I got out of the bus this morning around 10am, I saw this homeless old man again, sleeping on a bench by the bus stop area. For a moment, I felt like I want to wake him up, and I thought to myself, did he slept and spend the whole night out in the cold. I felt helpless towards the old man, I kept on walking ahead as I was in a hurry. It was even a superb sunny morning and the old man seemed to be sleeping fine in his sleep. Today just made me feel such a total ignorant… whilst as I kept on walking, I felt like going back and wake the old man up, and ask if he has eaten anything for breakfast. And I also thought of bringing him to a nearer convenient food store near the station to feed his belly. But, I dearly close my eyes so tight… I truly have felt the guilt once again. . I really felt for him but didn’t do anything. . Why does, every time I see homeless old people in streets everywhere, I end up in tears internally, sometimes the thoughts in my heard would come and make my eyes become watery. Moreover, sometimes when I make eye contact with them, they smile at me, I , myself can’t help but smile back at them so naturally. Makes me feel glad and feel sorry. I believed, others would have done the same thing. And in all that matters, I really feel like a failure at this rigidless u-turn in this stage of life.

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I have paid too much attention at work, but I haven’t given enough to the Lord. I feel I should always be there at His every presence. (I’m the one to talk but doesn’t really reflect as I speak of..the feeling is different .. I just really hope both of these two organs get along together.. There is always something that is keeping me off the course. If I say, ‘I can’t make time’ Will that mean I had turn my back on him..? Even when I say, ‘I never turn my back on Jesus’. Will I be lying? Have I really turn my back on Him?… I truly don’t believe that I ever did something that could disgrace his name, unless if I did, but if the thought isn’t what it shows like.. It is up to the Lord to make the final judgement.

Even when I am mostly absent, the thought of Him is always with me.. the feelings are always the same… but then again, does it still mean, I really have? I know that this is really a questionable matter, however, I really trust in God’s plan. Only he would understand it all. That is why this.… . I FEEL THE GUILT RUNNING THROUGH ME and AT THE SAME TIME (backspace not the right words I really want to write down..) I FEEL STRONGLY ABOUT HOW I SHOULD SHOW ME THAT HE’S THE ONLY ONE.. THE CLOSEST WHO I TURN TO.. WHEN THERE’S NO ONE TO TURN TO, HE’S THE ONLY ONE WHO I CAN IMMEDIATELY TALK TO .. FREELY WITHOUT BEING HESISTANT AND ON, IN ALL THAT MATTERS IN LIFE… . (I know there are words that are meant to be written down amongst.. they just didn’t come out as I wanted for them to be). BECAUSE SIMPLY HE IS GOD AND HE IS AMAZING! AND HE IS AN AWESOME GOD! I tell you. (Excuse my caps letters as we speak. I had to do it).

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I’m about to rests my eyes they feel so baggy.
I want to study for my re-sit test tomorrow.
I want to feel, at least be enthusiast while i study.
My body feel weary.
I better go.